GProCongress II is not primarily a training event for pastor trainers, but a connecting, uniting, and strengthening of pastor trainers in personal commitment and strategic collaboration for multiplying the quality and quantity of trainers of pastors. This work begins at the Congress and continues for the following seven years till the end of the decade.

The program will continually be fine-tuned. In addition to sessions for free time, prayer and networking at the famous Westin Playa Bonita beach hotel, major building blocks include:

Devotional sessions
Sessions on the core needs of a pastoral leader: Preach, Live, Think and Serve Biblically, led by gifted, younger expositors serving in areas where church health is not keeping pace with church growth.

Morning Plenary sessions
Stewarded by leaders of umbrella bodies in nonformal, informal, and formal pastor training along with emerging co-laborers for faster delivery to more pastors of better training at lower costs.

Table sessions
Facilitated by skilled hosts to discuss relevant pastor training topics and models; prayerfully disclose and commit to raise new pastor trainers.

Affinity sessions
Dynamic, creative workshops with select and experienced hosts for 1) regional connections for post-Congress plans, 2) delivery methods for training effectiveness, and 3) core learning emphases for outputs for multiplying the quantity and quality of pastor training everywhere.

Processes & Tools workshops provide opportunities for learning about models and methods which better deliver pastoral training so more pastor trainers may be raised through pastoral training initiatives.

Content & Skills workshops focus on building community, exploring opportunity, and discovering resources around basic courses for pastoral leaders to also become pastor trainers in these subjects.

Sector Tracks sessions are three-day immersive sessions facilitated by each sector, which build each day on a single issue contributing to raising new pastor trainers.

Regional Group sessions will explore opportunities and obstacles for more and better pastor training in that region and collaborate toward raising new pastor trainers in their areas.

Evening Plenary sessions
Biblically based inspiration around select themes for personal and ministry vitality.